Django posts

Django Render SVG

How to render Django static SVG files. How to serve SVG from Django static files?

30 Jun, 2020


Django Include Url From App

How to import views into urls. How to include multiple apps urls into main project urls.

28 Jun, 2020


Django Queryset Limit Results

How to limit the number of results in Django Querysets. Limit queryset results in Django template.

27 Jun, 2020


Django Generate Unique Id

Django Generate Unique Id or String for your application. Django UUID generate very unique primary key.

26 Jun, 2020


Django How to Login User

Simple guide to authenticate Django User

25 Jun, 2020


Introduction Django Admin

Beginner Guide to Django Admin

24 Jun, 2020


Django Forms Simple Guide

Simple guide for working with Django Forms

23 Jun, 2020


Django Models Simple Tutorial

Simple guide to show db records in web page

22 Jun, 2020


Django Hello World

Django basics for starters.

21 Jun, 2020


Django Multiple Project with Single Database

How to connect single database with multiple projects.

20 Jun, 2020


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