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How to deploy Django Application on

Deploy Django application in easily with two steps

12 Jan, 2023


Django download file on button click

To properly download a file on Django response you need to have Content-Disposition response

11 Jan, 2023


How to override Django Admin QuerySet?

Admin is one of the powerful battery in Django. The default app that comes with admin is useful for accessing the database values. Often times customise the result shown in the lists can be achieved using the custom QuerySet methods.

1 Dec, 2022


How to check ForeignKey reverse relation exists in Django?

To check reverse relation exists in Django you need to use isnull keyword on queryset

27 Jun, 2022


Django Channels for Real Time Updates

How to convert a Django project into a real-time capable project. So that it will be easy to implement websockets, https2 features. And will be useful for creating chat application and notification system from Django Channels

23 May, 2022


Django Tailwind CSS Tutorial

How to integrate TailwindCSS with Django in 2022?. This post is for the people who wanted to integrate Django with tailwind but not interested in using NPM.

20 May, 2022


How to setup continuous deployment on Django application?

Automate flyctl deploy procedure by setting up CI/CD on Github Actions.

19 May, 2022


How to deploy Django project to

Deploying django application into paas server.

18 May, 2022


How to scale celery to execute many tasks in parallel?

Celery worker can not execute many tasks at the time. But with this simple configuration you can run many task in parallel.

14 Apr, 2022


How to check if latitude and longitude inside geo boundary in Django ?

How do we actually check if a given place may be geo location coordinate inside a boundary in Django?

7 Dec, 2021


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