Why Not Working Side Project

Published 12 Jan, 2021

Reading time: 1 Mins

My personal updates for side project. It's been hard to focus on things so putting here for the future self.

Yes I’m not working on my side project. You many know that I’ve publicly announced my side project in betalist and I got good decent amount of users signup for the service and waiting for the trial now I’ve to create the project otherwise those users not gonna get it. In other words I will be wasting the potential users who signed up for the service.

Last year I’ve started working on the hourly based project from upwork and I’m really doing it for the last month but to give extra money I’ve got one more gig from upwork too. And these two things are mainly takien most of time so I’m unable to focus on the projects.

Soon I will be setting up the workspace in my home and I’ve big plan for that like separate cabin like room in my terrace. It’s big project but in next month I will be setting up the workspace in my living room and slowly building the terrace plan and mid of this year I will be moving all of my workspace to this dream home-office space.