Why Developer Should Write

Published 2 Jun, 2020

This is my thoughts about why we need to write instead of sitting in the call.

Developer should know about how to write. It’s fundamental communication tool that every developer should master about. Although It’s apply to all the technology but in the development area this will communicate your thoughts in the code to other developers.

Zoom Problem

In this remote culture, everyone working in different timezone and it’s not helpful for all of the employee in single zoom conference to convey messages. Believe me it’s better one person spend few minutes write and share to all of the company employee but 100 of employee in single conference call to convey it’s wasting not only the one hour but 100 hour.

When you need a video call?

To show bugs to other developer we need video solution. And that’s the only time you need it. Other times you can just write and other side person can easily understand it.

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