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How to use firebase ui web Authentication with Django?

How to implement social authentication easily in Django with the help of firebase authentication ui

1 Jan, 2022


How to check if latitude and longitude inside geo boundary in Django ?

How do we actually check if a given place may be geo location coordinate inside a boundary in Django?

7 Dec, 2021


How to store geo bounding box in Django database?

In Djagno models database how do store geo location coordinates like multiple lattitude and longitude aka bounding box?

7 Dec, 2021


How to store Image as Binary in Django

Sometimes store image as binary in Django database handy instead of the file.

28 Nov, 2021


How to Setup docker-compose for Django, Postgresql

Here is the details you need about setting up docker compose for Django based projects.

16 Jun, 2021


Fetch failed but Flask is success

Network request to flak server is failed but the flask server show successful response.

2 May, 2021


How to PostCSS in Hugo

how to PurgeCSS in hugo with PostCSS Pipe

28 Apr, 2021


How to include curly bracket in Python string?

A way to include curly bracket in string output.

9 Apr, 2021


Handle uploaded media files in Django

Best way to handle user upload files in django forms and views.

27 Mar, 2021


What I like about the new M1 Macbook Air

This is fan boy write up and there is no numbers to shown but only expectaions.

9 Mar, 2021