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How to redirect from server side in HTMX

HTMX works like Ajax request but in this blog post I have explained a way to redirect the user from server side.

30 Jun, 2022


How to check ForeignKey reverse relation exists in Django?

To check reverse relation exists in Django you need to use isnull keyword on queryset

27 Jun, 2022


How to setup Tailwind CSS in Hugo?

Hugo Tailwind CSS theme - Lets see how we can integrate Tailwind CSS to Hugo project.

27 May, 2022


Django Channels for Real Time Updates

How to convert a Django project into a real-time capable project. So that it will be easy to implement websockets, https2 features. And will be useful for creating chat application and notification system from Django Channels

23 May, 2022


Django Tailwind CSS Tutorial

How to integrate TailwindCSS with Django in 2022?. This post is for the people who wanted to integrate Django with tailwind but not interested in using NPM.

20 May, 2022


How to setup continuous deployment on Django application?

Automate flyctl deploy procedure by setting up CI/CD on Github Actions.

19 May, 2022


How to deploy Django project to

Deploying django application into paas server.

18 May, 2022


How to scale celery to execute many tasks in parallel?

Celery worker can not execute many tasks at the time. But with this simple configuration you can run many task in parallel.

14 Apr, 2022


How to update the footer year HTML Dynamically?

Use a simple javascript line to update the footer html easily every year.

3 Jan, 2022


How to convert Django Queryset into Pandas Dataframe?

Pandas dataframe is the structure of content in this article I'm talking about how to convert a Django queryset into one.

2 Jan, 2022