What I like about the new M1 Macbook Air

Published 9 Mar, 2021

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This is fan boy write up and there is no numbers to shown but only expectaions.

This is purely fan based article. If you’re expecting the number to compare then you’re in the wrong place. I decided to write this article because I want you to feel how I feel about owning one M1 based processor. This M1 aka Apple Silicon is so powerful. You might watched some your favourite youtuber braised about how good the M1 Processor are and the speed. I’ve also watched some people performing 4k video editing with basic MBA. And those reviews are surprisingly good and compile to the point.

Story about my Old book

My 2015 MacBook Pro has several issues. Instead of repairing and I decided to purchase the new MacBook. Old keyboard is no longer working because I accidentally spilled the water. I connected to external keyboard and it has some power issues as well.

There are two power issues. The one is the MagSafe connector is not properly connected I think it’s because of the dust issues. I tried changing the power adapter even though that cost me 100 bucks. Another issue is coming from inside battery adapter I think. I solved that by removing the removing battery adapter and plug the power adapter directly and once it’s booting I will insert the power cable. This is worked for few weeks and then it got random shutdown when I tried to perform the above.

Why want the same

Few people asked me the same question like you do. Actually I’m not that much Apple fan boy. I like devices like xps and blade but I like the linux better than the windows. So Apple is linux based with much polished UI and that’s make the device feels like whole premium device to work on .

When I search for the new laptop I have noted few creteria to be matched in order to buy the device. First category fall into display and I want the 16:10 aspect ratio. And the second one is slim form factor because I have to carry the device daily 8 hours for 10 years.

When I joined my first software company they gave me MacBook Pro and it has the CD player in it. And the world changed hence the MacBook Pro. Now It won’t have the CD player but with only two ports.

High Expectation

Every review suggested to go with basic model but I’ve order the high end one because I don’t like to be noticed something slow because of the low end. I must say this M1 is crazy fast. I can see that when I ran the migration command. And I feel that when I opened the safari browser. And the new Apple Silicon support apps are super fast. I enjoy open VSCode quite often because of the speedy open time.

In conclusion I really like the new MacBook Air and the battery is good. Keyboard is awesome to type on. I feel like working on the iPadOS instead of MacOS. Display is great. I guess the Pro only needed when connecting to the external monitors and doing punch of stuff normal people would not do. I feel like this is next level and I don’t need another computer because of the M1 and this will put all of the intel based processor behind several year. Okay in the end it’s solid product from the future. Here we go that’s my rab of why I like about the new M1 Macbook Air.

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