Why I'm going to keep building Blogstreak

Published 2 Mar, 2021

This is how I came up with the idea before delete the server.

Why I’m going to keep building Blogstreak

This idea comes after I’ve decided to put the pause of blogstreak web application development. When I decided to take the server offline I’ve had this thought why I’m going to delete the server and put the pause on this project. After I realised that I don’t need authentication for blogstreak.

That’s like crazy idea and it’s another level because without authentication I need to make sure hacker don’t get access to the system. I mean I can do that because it’s all my system and the server and all of those things are in my own domain right so I don’t need to get around with csrf, cars and cookie which makes me happy.

For clapping I can make the request for every 10 claps or so and then disable the clap button for each reaquest in the backend I can check if the user is trying to bypass using the IP address.

For comment I can ask the user to enter their email address and upon successful email verification only I will show the content. That’s exactly what I want but without authentication.

In this week whenever I get free time I will work on this idea and to see if I can make the comment possible. If I can able to do it then I will be inviting the beta users.

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