Joy of writing code in Weekend hack

Published 7 Mar, 2021

Reading time: 2 Mins

Every Staurday and Sunday I pick one idea and trying to build it for fun.

Weekend hack is my kinda thing. Every Saturday and Sunday I write code that I like most. It’s one of the feeling that I get excited about the weekend. Although time may not work like every weekend but I sometimes continue the project that I left in last weekend.

I say all of the weekend projects are not completed but I get to learn something. And whatever I learned during those weekend project I can apply into my daily work. Using this method I can learn new technologies and turn into the small projects.

What kind of projects I choose?

I choose all kind of web projects and mobile projects. Last few weeks I built and I published recently. I launched in reddit and indie hackers. My next goal is to bring this into wider market.

I really like to brainstorm the ideas daily. Once I idea pop in my head I will write it down in notion. And then after two weeks I will writing first line of code. Two weeks is more than enough so that after half way building the idea you won’t like the idea. It’s give you the time to rethink the idea and iterate into much better version of it.

You don’t have to launch all of your ideas but the weekend hack is the best place to learn something new and fun way to spend your weekend.

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