How to find a Job in Pandemic

Published 14 Jun, 2020

Simple way to land a tech job in this pandemic world.

Last year I resigned my senior position job. It was great but later I found that it’s not align with my interests. I didn’t have the job when I resigned. It’s was not the right decision. And I can’t find the job after 2 months. And then one day I got a call from one early stage company and then they offered me contract job.

Once I heard that company plan to reduce the promised money I started look out. I know I know market is not right. So how I can get the job if no one is hiring right? One week later I got an offer from one Dubai based company. I’m gonna tell you what I did in those week to get a job.

List your skills

First of all list all your skills. Write all your skills in paper. Two hour you learned javascript through YouTube channel then mentioned it. In these times we need all the skills you have.

Minimal Resume

Resume is not matter but minimal 2 page resume is enough. No bla bla in that resume. Mentioned the skills you gather in the first steps. And must links to your Github or StackOverflow.

Delete LinkedIn from your picture

Yes LinkedIn is waste of time. HR wants to increase the reach and people wants some connections. LinkedIn is waste land. So what else we can use to find the job.

Here is the list.

  1. Hacker News

Every month hacker news open the thread for hiring. Here all the companies who wants to hire some expertise they will post here. All you have to do is go through that list and spam it. No but contact the company and find out whether your skills will match with company or not.

  1. AngeList

yes angel list is great. But don’t think about you can get san Francisco salary in your native. Narrow down you search result for better reach.

i.e) I’m in Chennai so I will search like who is from Chennai that sitting in San Francisco. So that I can talk to him/her about my skills. Trust me always this method works no matter where you are from.

There is no three if you can’t find in above then you can’t find it in elsewhere.

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