How to Make Money With Blogging?

Published 26 Jul, 2020

Make money with writing blog post that you enjoy.

This article comes from my own experience. I started writing recently and been publishing content over the past few weeks. And I have made a decent amount of money from it. I know it’s not that big enough to convince you to start a blog, but what I’m about to tell you is a proven method. It’s working for me, and it will work for you too. Let’s get started with these tips for making a successful blog that generates a revenue stream for you.

There is some fear in people planning to start a blog, whether it will be doing good or not. Don’t feel that way. Instead of wasting time on thinking, write content, and start publishing. Most people are not writing; instead, they are googling, so they will find you via a search engine, and you make money. Follow the rest of the blog to determine what method you should follow to make money from blogging.


My number one advice is consistency. Yes, it would be best if you wrote a blog more frequently. More you write, more people will notice your blog. More people seeing your blog will increase the search engine ranking so you will get more exposure.

My advice is to try daily blogging. Spend one hour daily for blogging. It will compound over some time. So in 6 months or year, you have a considerably large blog site that draws more visitors from the website.

Suppose you’re on the front page of any search keyword that will give you 10 to 20 visitors daily. So what about your blog perform well in 100 blog posts? That will provide you with 1000 visitors, and you will earn money from it.

Daily blogging is an excellent method, but make sure you pick the topic not too boring so that you will never run out of ideas.

Weekly blogging is also great for more complicated stuff. Write daily for few words and publish the content at the weekend. So this way you get more time with your article and less mistake you can make. These in-depth articles do well in popular forums, so after publishing your blog, please post it on social media.


Just pick the boring blogging for god’ sake. If it’s too easy to edit, then you are probably designing something instead of putting the content first. So pick the dull stack and start writing your blog.

I pick the Hugo static site generator to make my blog. It’s great, but it’s not easy to modify the templates. So pick any Hugo theme and publish content. You can change the layout design later. It has excellent markdown support, and it’s one of the best ways to write content.

I know many people are blindly choosing WordPress over some free alternatives. But WordPress is best suitable for e-commerce and some big sites. To blog, you need a simple blogging tool.

Just pick any static site generator and start publishing content on Netlify or any other static hosting provider. They offer some free that enough for basic blog site needs.

Make money; the best option is Adsense. It’s easy to get started, but remember you need at least to have 30 + blog posts and update your blog site regularly. Otherwise, You will not get the approval.

Great options other than Adsense are carbon ads, but believe me, it’s not for freshers who just started. Please check their FAQ for eligibility to apply.

Other than the above methods, your chance to make money is very less unless you write some quality content for the particular niche vertical topic. In that case, the affiliate will do better. You can use Amazon affiliates for this purpose.

Recently paid content becomes a thing. A site like Substack and Patreon makes this possible, but I don’t see the point here. It’s working for a few people with more general in-depth topics, but a blogger who just started please is a waste of time to start a paid blogging.

If you have a steady audience, you believe then you can use Ghost. They have an impressive membership feature. You can write free content and convert your users to paid users.

But remember, a paid subscription will create a mental block. You will be in that situation where you need to publish content frequently. So choose your topics wise, or you need to research more on that topic. Overall make sure you never run out of ideas.


Find where your niches are hanging out. And start posting your comments and build your trust in that community. Once you gain followers or when people recognize your profile, they will share your blog post with their audience.

Analyze your blog post and find out where your links are performing. Sometimes the links will be doing well in HackerNews, Sometimes in Reddit. You need to find that and repeat what’s working.

Start the newsletter very soon. Without newsletter, blogging will not complete. You can drive people to your blog via a search engine, but the newsletter is essential for long-term audiences who wanted to learn from you. Weekly is the perfect timings for a newsletter. But always it depends on your audience.

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