First Blog Post

Published 8 Feb, 2020

Started my journey to the blogging world.

I’m starting this blog post to try Hugo static site generator and stumbled upon how incredible fast is this. Fast, meaning it’s fast. So let’s write a few more blog posts for a few days and figure out what sticks.

I always wanted to write a blog for my own. Before starting this blog I was writing lot of medium posts. I feel like medium is not personal anymore. And I don’t want to continue using medium so I was looking for other alternative.

Again I don’t fall into wrong hands so I picked two options which is Ghost and Hugo. Both are completely different but really powerful tool to generate static content. You may ask how the Ghost will fall into static site, It’s because the recent Ghost version divided into three layer and one can easily use Hugo or gutsy to generate static site. Also they have membership feature and I will soon check that out. Right now I don’t want to spin new vps or pay to ghost for blogging. So I pick Hugo now if things I really wanted like membership and subscription feature then I will think about Ghost in future.

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