Does blogging comes to an end?

Published 11 Jan, 2023

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Rising of copy writing AI what general people and bloggers think out this move.

tl;dr It’s not and with a rise of copy writing AI the blogging space will boom in this year & next year for sure. I write this article from my own perspective and readers tell your own discretion.

What people think about AI?

Last year end and the start of this new year bloggers seen the power of openAI and ChatGPTAI in various places. And, they are in the constant fear of whether this “end” is going to come sooner or later. Most bloggers thinks that end is inevitable. But, what they fear the most is does this AI writing will lead to not liking the article read.

Yes we also seen the same news about user not interested in reading articles in hacker news recently. He talks about he no longer feel good about reading article but interested in reading the book. Same true for me even though I like to read a book I don’t feel good about reading article anymore. In my feel like this blah blah AI article is not producing quality content anymore? so may that reason I’m not interested in reading the article?

What bloggers think about AI?

General audience thinks that quality of content will reduce when AI producing articles. And, search engine will bloated more and more so that the industry will collapse. But from the bloggers perspective the AI is good one because it’s reducing the writers block. And, I can ask the AI to write first few sentence so that I can continue finishing the paragraph. Which is great and because thinking about what to write is what most bloggers will spend more time on it. So if AI helping unlock this time consuming work then it leads to produce more quality content for sure.

About the search pollution is happening because low quality content ended up in the top. Which will true in some cases but the search engine will use different strategy in the future to make the quality content stay in the top.

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