Almost Scammed

Published 11 Dec, 2022

Reading time: 4 Mins

Look how this scammer tried to get my money via BTC

I built several side project and I launched few of them on ProductHunt. Lots are failed because my lack of interests in the marketing. And, very few I put it on the marketplace where people can buy my side projects.

This side project I built few years back which I called Docs2Book. It’s not doctor appointment booking software but to share and monetise your Google Document. Think of this like sharable Google Docs that can accept money in the process.

SideProjectors is where I posted about selling this project. Few days back I got message received from SideProjector email saying that someone is willing to buy the side project that I built 3 years ago. I got curious wow is really someone interested in buying this? What?

First message from Jan Z

Hello, it’s Jan, I’m interested in buying, I have some questions, please write to my telegram - you can find my nickname in search @janpon1Thanks for your reply and have a nice day!Jan Z

I immediately texting this scammer

Me: Hello there

Scammer: Hello, thanks for your reply, tell me current final price?

Me: 10K USD is final price. I can give you source code and I will ready to give you two month suppot on this. I can deploy where you point and add additional features where it's necessary.

Scammer: Good price suits me. I have a few questions before buying, can you please answer?

There is a red flag right there which I ignored because he agree the price I quoted for. The conversation continues… He asked me variety of question related to post acquisition at that point I didn’t know scammer original intention because he agreed the price and he is talking about post acquisition.

One point he is agreed to send the money as soon as possible and I told him about PayPal and then later he backed up a little bit saying that “I need to consult with my friend” and then I told him that’s okay.

Me: In general, I see that the site belongs to you, my friends tell me that with such a site it makes no sense for you to deceive me, because you have something to lose. Let's make a deal directly, where I throw the money first, because I don't want any of us to pay a commission and it's easier for me

Scammer: Do you understand the crypt, I hope, I have all money in btc now, just

Me: Hi that's good to hear.

Me: I'm not familiar with BTC much but last time I sold my side project the buyer paid me in USDT only.

Scammer: What wallet do you have? coinbase, ,, bitpanda?

Me: I do have coinbase account but not used much.

Scammer: You also need a wallet on I have all money there. And there are now internal transfers. I will transfer money to your linbtc wallet, and from there you will withdraw to your Coinbase wallet. You will give the site only after you have successfully recieved bitcoins on your Coinbase wallet, okay?

There is another red alert right there because he is insisting to open linbtc account. Which I googled and I found nothing in there. There is no information about linbtc on the internet. But even then I created the account like he said and asking him to transfer the money in BTC which he did right after I shared the “internal address”

He indeed transferred the fund which seems legit. Then I immediately tried to transfer the fund to CoinBase. I got received another error message from linbtc saying that I need to depost 0.125 BTC then only I can withdraw to that address.

Screenshot 2022-12-10 at 10.46.29 PM.png

I know in my mind that “sending money to receiving money is always a fraud” so I told the buyer you need to pay me directly in cash otherwise I do not want to sell it to you. After that he fled.